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Almunjed Information Technology is an Apple Authorised Reseller and an Apple Authorised Service Provider in Jordan.

Almunjed Information Technology, was established in 2010. The head offices are located in Al-Zahran Street, Emar tower. The showroom and services located in Al Madenah Al- Munawarah Street, Amlak tower.

This center has been carefully selected and has met Apple’s highest standards in all areas including: facility, instructors, course delivery and infrastructure. The goal of the Program is to offer Apple customers the highest-quality training experience; from the beginner up to the most seasoned Professional.

We have a high-qualified sales team who work hard to provide our clients and the market with Apple products and to offer you the best after sale services. This team is Apple sales provider certified that covers different sectors like designers, press, educations via the showroom and our representatives in major sites.

The Technical Support department is a major department at Almunjed Information Technology that includes a highly qualified team of engineers and specialized Apple technicians to derive technical support and maintenance on time in cooperation with our Authorised service provider center which provides repairing, upgrading a unique and customized solutions.

Our supply chain is based on direct sales force and representatives. We also have a brilliant marketing team, dedicated to offer you a customized kind of services that satisfies your demands and needs in a very professional way with the latest brand and technology in the world.

In order to deliver our clients with the highest level of services. Almunjed Information Technology and Multivision found a Training center to fulfill the customer’s requirements.


The company set its vision when it began its operations, and we have always aligned our corporate targets and strategies accordingly. Sourcing and developing high quality solutions, which in turn, will help enhance the creativity, productivity, caliber and profitability of Arabic creative professionals.

Almunjed Information Technology is the agent and distributor for the following:


Hardware products:

Macs family: MacPro, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac OS X, and MobileMe).

iPods family: (iPod touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod suffle. And Accessories).

Software solutions:
  • iLife (from Apple)
  • iWork(from Apple)
  • Final cut studio(from Apple) 
  • Adobe

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