Al Bayan School

In 1983 the school was established with a total number of 120 students, the school premises were a four-storey building with a total of 30 employees. Today we have around 750 students (that is around 450 families) and a total staff of around 120 people.

At Al- Bayan School we are committed to outstanding work that aims to elevate the educational process and develop its students’ abilities, talents, and personalities through catering for the students needs, trying to discover the students'individual talents and interests. In addition; the school aims to employ teachers who are experienced in their fields, motivated, and willing to teach. the school has a General Manager who reports to a Board of Directors, the General Manager along with the school principals and department heads are responsible for translating the Board’s philosophy and decisions into the school system.

Academic Stages:
  • Secondary School (Grade 11 & 12)
  • Junior School(Grade 1 – Grade 6)
  • Kindergarten

Contact Us

Tel.: +962 6 5711292/5716963
Fax: +962 6 5712253
P.O. Box: 279 11732 Marj Al-Hamam Amman, Jordan

News & Events

Tel: + 962 6 555 0560 / 1
Fax: +962 6 555 0562
P.O. Box: 852370 Amman 11185, Jordan

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