Syntagma Network Services is a Canadian company that offers a full range of IP telephony and managed data services tailored for small and medium sized businesses.

Syntagma combines the best of technology with a customer service experience based on years of working successfully with diverse companies.

Syntagma Network Services, we offer a host of solutions to our clients that include IP Telephony, Broadband connections and managed data services.

Syntagma is committed to offering the highest quality, reliable communications solutions with access to advanced features. We understand the challenges faced by small and medium sized businesses and can provide flexible communications solution that is tailored to fit the specific needs of each of our clients. We offer to the specific requirements of your business.

Contact Us

Tel.: 604 267 3010
Toll Free: 1-866-909-3153
Syntagma Network Services Ltd.
#1100 - 1200 West 73rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6P 6G5

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Tel: + 962 6 555 0560 / 1
Fax: +962 6 555 0562
P.O. Box: 852370 Amman 11185, Jordan

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