Concept FZE


Concept FZE is on of the largest leading Companies specialized in Manufacturing and exporting high quality dates, dates syrup, dates pasted and liquid sugar with a brand name (TALA, Was established in 2006, Concept FZE located in jebel Ali free zone – Dubai , UAE.

At Al- Bayan School we are committed to outstanding work that aims to elevate the Concept FZE has an important objective to popularize and retain the commercial value of dates in UAE throughout the world and to achieve the vision to meet the new international food industry standards to reflect the bright image of UAE.

Concept FZE has carried a complete feasibility studies to examine the best possible ways to achieve the company aim, the aim of the company is to introduce the high quality dates to existing as well as to new market.

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Tel.: + 971 4 810 2200
Fax: + 971 4 883 3847
P.O. Box: 262290 Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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